Libra Pendant

Color: blue
Size: 18" chain

14k solid gold custom enamel Libra pendant featuring the scales on one side and Libra symbol on the other. I Available as a pendant or with your choice of 18" or 22" solid gold chain. 

Ships immediately in green and black. Please allow 3-4 weeks for all other colors. 

Libra is an air sign represented by the scales of justice. The scales represent Libra's need for balance and equality. Careful in their opinions, they prefer to weigh their options before coming to a decision. They can see both sides of a story, making them caring and conscientious partners and friends. Libra's ruling planet is Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. Their perspective aesthetic makes them trendsetters in the world of fashion and beauty.  

Libras are born between September 22rd and October 23rd.

Pendant measures approximately 20mm