Sagittarius Pendant

Color: green
Size: 18"

14k solid gold Custom Enamel Sagittarius Pendant featuring the centaur on one side and Sagittarius symbol on the other.  Available as a pendant or with your choice of 18" or 22" solid gold chain. 

Ships immediately in blue, green, and red. Please allow 3-4 weeks for all other colors. 

The fire sign Sagittarius is represented by the centaur; half man, half horse. This mythical equestrian creature cannot be tamed by its human components. Sagittarius has a desire to run free. They are world travelers and seldom settle down. Their ruling planet Jupiter is known for its expansive and jovial qualities. Sagittarius has a larger-than-life energy and an inspiring, zealous nature. 

The unbridled equine is born between November 22rd and December 23rd.

Pendant measures approximately 20mm.